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Oldest private technical college in Hamburg for

mechanical engineering.


About 1 million employees in the German engineering industry

Design school

with state-approved diploma

Hamburg - home of more than 28,000 media and IT companies

Over 30 years of experience in the field of

ophthalmic optician education.

less than 1.5% unemployed ophthalmic optician in Germany

Since its foundation Heinze Academy has educated

over 3,000 construction engineers.

1 € of building investment increases the total demand by more than 2 €

Germany’s first private technical school for

aircraft engineering.

Hamburg - the third largest location of aviation industry worldwide.

Heinze Academy is one of the leading private technical training and design institutes in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany and the sixth-largest in the European Union.
The institute is well-known throughout Germany for its innovative and excellent teaching methods as well as its strong focus on practical modules and the labour market relevance of its educational programs.

Founded in 1937, Heinze Academy is owner-managed in third generation until today. Furthermore, the institute is state-approved for the quality of its programs so that graduates receive officially recognised certificates.


Heinze Academy is split into different departments that all have a special importance on the German labour market. These departments are


Vocational Training

Heinze Academy offers vocational training programs in the area of Technical Product Design as well as Screen Design. Both programs are intense two year courses that are led in cooperation with companies for internship breaks and lead to state-approved professions.

Professional Further Training

Special emphasis must be placed on the large department for sub-academic further training leading to the state certification as a technician. This qualification is traditionally of great importance in German-speaking regions alongside the engineering training.

Technicians are employed as skilled staff and managers in all technical functional areas of industrial enterprises such as construction, development, production planning and scheduling, manufacturing process control, quality management, etc..

Rehabilitation & Retraining

Heinze Academy has established itself as an expert institution in occupational rehabilitation since the 1970s. Programs are developed in cooperation with pension insurance institutes for people who can no longer work in their learned profession due to illness or injury.

Staff Training & Recruiting

Heinze Academy is contracted by companies which wish to offer their existing employees further training or to expand their workforce. In both cases an analysis of the qualification requirements in cooperation with the employer is performed up front. Based on these qualification requirements, Heinze Academy develops a structured course of instruction and organises the staff recruitment and selection process.


Heinze Academy also instructs training staff and teachers outside its institute both in subject-related and also in pedagogic-didactic areas. In particular, the changeover to job-related learning modules required by many authorities and also the integration and use of new media in teaching concepts demands advanced training for staff and teachers.

Consulting Services

Based on experience gathered during its own developments and projects and drawing on a network of experts, Heinze Academy also offers consulting services externally.

International Projects

Since the year 2012 Heinze Academy has been setting up projects in cooperation with Chinese institutions. The first projects were train-the-trainer seminars as well as consulting services. Many groups consisting of Chinese trainers have since then visited custom-made courses at Heinze Academy in Hamburg. Also, experts from Heinze Academy have been travelling to China to conduct seminars and work on consulting projects in the area of vocational training.

Since 2014 Heinze Academy has been cooperating with an important technical University in Xi´an and has successfully established an international summer school consisting of Chinese and German students. However, the long-term goal is to develop international studies together.


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